A Bitcoin Layer2 Compatible with EVM
Unlock the potential of Bitcoin by introducing the EVM ecosystem, enabling a new era of decentralized finance.
Advantages of BitcoinVM
Excellent EVM Compatibility
Leveraging the full suite of Ethereum tools and DApps on Bitcoin, our Layer 2 solution ensures complete compatibility with EVM, enabling developers to migrate or build versatile applications with ease.
BTC as Gas and Primary Asset
Using BTC as the gas and primary asset allows projects in our ecosystem to benefit from the strong and well-established consensus that Bitcoin is renowned for..
Scalability and Security
Experience unparalleled scalability with BitcoinVM. By offering faster transaction speeds and lower fees than both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, we redefine efficiency in the blockchain space.
BTCFi: Empower BTC Holders
BitcoinVM not only enhances the utility of BTC but also opens the door for Bitcoin holders to benefit from various DeFi applications and enjoy potential returns.
Getting Started
The BitcoinVM Testnet is now live. Try out the Explorer.
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BVM Stack
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